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The Acceleration Behind Telehealth Services [Health and Hygiene] - NEB English Class 9 Exercise

Reading I - The Acceleration behind Telehealth Services


Exercise for Reading Comprehension

Before you read the interview below, answer these questions.

How do you get advice from a doctor?

What do you know about telehealth services?

A. The meanings of some of the words from the interview are given below. Find the words and fill in the crossword puzzle.


  • psychological treatment of people using dialogue ⟶ PSYCHOTHERAPY
  • the process of sorting patients ⟶ TRIAGE
  • to prepare and arrange to ⟶ DEPLOY
  • a special department of a hospital for intensive care of patients ⟶ ICU


  • to include as a part ⟶INCORPORATE
  • identification of nature and cause of a disease ⟶ DIAGNOSE
  • not having sufficient service ⟶ UNDERSERVE
  • epidemic over a wide geographical area ⟶ PANDEMIC

B. Read the interview again and write whether the following statements are True or False.

a. Internet service is necessary to use telehealth services. True

b. While providing telehealth services, health professionals are at high risk of being infected due to exposure to patients.  False

c. Telehealth service can be the best alternative to face-to-face service. False

d. The problem with the lack of medical staff will be solved greatly with telehealth technology. True

e. The success of telehealth programmes depends on the infrastructure and the best use of IT tools. True

Answer the following questions.

a. What is telehealth service?

⇒ Telehealth is a method of providing medical care remotely, usually through video chat.

b. What are the advantages of using telehealth programmes?

⇒The advantages of using telehealth programmes are they can be faster, safer, more effective and less expensive.

c. Why, according to Dr. Chang, is the telehealth service growing rapidly?

⇒According to Dr. Chang, the telehealth service is growing rapidly because of global COVID 19 pandemic which forced to keep social distancing and minimal physical contact.

d. How is the telehealth programme important during a pandemic?

⇒ It is important during pandemic, where telehealth has allowed access to medical care without going to hospitals to protect patients and hospital staff from being exposed to the infection.

e. Why are the patients in remote areas not getting adequate health services?

⇒ The patients in remote areas are not getting adequate health services because of the lack of monitoring.

f. Mention the top three challenges of telehealth services.

⇒ The top three challenges of telehealth services are lack of infrastructure, insufficient hardware and the right technology for each specialty.

Grammar I

Study what the people in the picture are saying.

Choose the correct answer.

I need help, doctor. My baby doesn't sleep well. What ............. ?

i. had I better do            ii. should I do            iii. I should do

The aeroplane only allows two pieces of luggage. You ............... pack too much or you will have to take it out at the airport!

i. had better not          ii. better not           iii. had not better

A: I think that the grade my teacher gave me on my test is wrong.

B: Really? You .................... to her after class today.

should to talk              ii. ought to talk     iii. ought talk

It's raining and I don't want to get my dress wet. umbrella.

had better not take       ii. had better to take

iii. had better take

Dinesh loves chocolate, but he ....................too much or he will put on weight.

shouldn't eat            ii. should eat not   iii. should eat

My mother isn't feeling well, so I told her that she ............. to the doctor.

ought go           ii. ought to go               iii. ought

A: It's so hot.

B: You ...............your jacket!

i. should take off     ii. should put on      iii. should to take off

I'm going to visit your country. Where ............. if I want to go shopping?

should I go  ii. I should go              iii. ought to I go

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